About this Blog

No, La mehdood isn’t a French word. And no, please don’t read it as “lamehood”. One doesnt have much choice with free domain hosts.

La mehdood means limitless in the Urdu language.  Or without boundaries to be more exact. And that is what expression, especially self-expression is meant to be. Boundless, limitless and without end.

But contrary to this belief, it does pay to have some limits.

While it is tempting to wax lyrical about anything one catches a whiff of, it is important for writers, thinkers and just plain ramblers to have some clarity and purpose to their expressions. As much as this blog can take advantage of the opportunity to go nowhere, as a writer, I would like it to go somewhere.

And that somewhere is a series of very personal expressions (limitless of course) and impressions, on the worlds of international development (ID) and migration and immigration. The first my profession, the second my passion. Some of these expressions will be hard to stomach for many, while others may find some supporters. In either case, they will come from the heart and with the intention of eliciting positive debate and discussion, hopefully not of the “Facebook” variety (more on that at some point).

And in between all this there will be just random nothingness. Because sometimes, thats the best form of self-expression!